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Active Research - Training Solutions

Individualised Training Solutions for Complex Built Assets.

As we move towards sustainable and smart buildings and cities, the operation and maintenance of their built assets are becoming increasingly more challenging. Their operation is more complex and sophisticated which both brings new health and safety risks to operators and demand new skills for their maintenance and operation. Current training solutions are static and unable to cope with this increasing complexity and emerging needs.

This project, funded by Keele University, ERDF and BEIS, aims to develop novel technologies for individualised training solutions that can provide can be tailored for each individual (for example, according to the job role and the specific characteristics of the company/site in which the individual is required to complete his/her tasks). The focus of this project is on establishing an individualised solution for health and safety compliance training management and delivery for the construction and facilities management domains.

Project partners: Northumbria University, Environmental Essentials, Keele University.

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