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Research Themes and Projects

Our research activity is wide-ranging but with a particular focus on three themes reflecting the sector’s most pressing issues.

The themes we have identified are: Assurance and Traceability; Improving the Performance of Built Assets; and Procuring for Value. These themes will continue to be challenged and refined as appropriate.

  • Assurance and Traceability: This addresses the asset information challenges of veracity, traceability, transparency, and security of data that are required for an immutable 'golden thread' of information for built assets

  • Improving the Performance of Built Assets: This theme is concerned with the need to drive performance improvements for new and existing built assets throughout their entire life, from design and construction, through their operation and use, and ultimately their decommissioning

  • Procuring for Value: The aim to drive fundamental shifts in procurement from lowest capital cost to whole-life, holistic value through disruptive technologies and new business models.

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