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The Omics Lab is one of the few facilities in the world which has the equipment and expertise to investigate the human microbiome for both industry and academic purposes.

The unique combination of experienced team members means that we can conduct a range of genomic studies from targeted 16S rRNA gene analyses to untargeted metagenomic sequencing of host-associated microbiota. Services include development of new techniques and methodologies for advanced profiling of bacterial, viral and fungal community structure and function or even assessing health of the gut wall itself. We are able to offer bespoke work packages ranging from simple sample processing via in-house validated long and short read protocols to bioinformatics support.

Meet the team

Darren Smith

Prof Darren Smith


Applied Sciences

a person standing in a kitchen

Dr Daniel Commane

Associate Professor

Applied Sciences

Jose Munoz

Dr Jose Munoz

Assistant Professor

Applied Sciences

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