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Architectural Design


Architectural Design focuses on designing the buildings and environment around us across multiple scales to address the needs of individuals and society and innovatively respond to challenges such as the climate emergency, health and wellbeing and ageing. Researchers in this group are active professional practitioners, who engage with authentic real-world design problems. Research themes in the group span architecture and interior architecture. 

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This group have been involved with notable international design projects. A research team led by Prof Paul Jones presented designs for a brachytherapy and holistic wellbeing centre to members of the Barbados government as the centrepiece of the team’s health tourism strategy.  

Researchers in this group have contributed to urban civic and educational buildings such as the multi-award-winning Manchester Central Library. Our researchers are also advising for and contributing to significant housing projects. 

Interior architecture and urban design 

Our research in interior architecture has informed projects across a range of contexts, for example conservation and preservation efforts at nationally important National Trust sites such as Gibside and Seaton Delaval Hall

The projects undertaken by the group have won more than 30 design commendations, including RIBA, RICS, Civic Trust Awards and Constructing Excellence, and our design projects have been the focus of several highly cited journal papers and Paper of the Year awards. 

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