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The Unit has four research groups which span across three ‘signature’ interdisciplinary research themes: Creative/Adaptive Reuse, People and Place, and Connected Construction through building information modelling (the structured creation, use and sharing of digital information about a building including 3D models). 

Our research environment has grown markedly in the last few years, as the Unit’s groups have advanced into progressive, productive and engaging research communities, with identities of their own and with freedom to innovate. Membership is intentionally fluid – many members of staff belong to more than one group, as fits their research interests. 

A solution-focused, cross-disciplinary approach is championed across all groups as well as the commitment to foster and develop fruitful collaborations with national and international organisations. The Unit’s research groups actively contribute to the University’s Multidisciplinary Research Themes (MDRTs) of ‘Human and Digital Design’ and ‘Energy Futures’ which bring researchers together from across the University to address key national and global challenges.

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