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Construction Futures


This interdisciplinary group focuses on addressing wider issues in the construction industry through the development of socio-technical innovative solutions. This group contributed to the creation of the International Centre for Connected Construction (IC3) which leverages digital technology to create positive transformation in the global construction industry. Within this group there are several themes:  

Construction Management and Economics 

This theme examines a wide range of topics concerning how construction projects are planned, managed and costed. Researchers explore how artificial intelligence and building information modelling (BIM) can be used as well as improvement and re-engineering activities.  

Decarbonisation and Construction technology 

The UK and many countries around the world have committed to bring greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. The decarbonisation of buildings is an important step towards achieving this. Researchers in this theme investigate how technology can be used to reduce energy consumption in buildings and construction processes, for example through low carbon and renewable energy for heating, air conditioning, power and lighting in buildings, as well as the materials used in construction.  

Disaster Risk Reduction  

In the face of increased adverse weather incidents due to climate change, research within this area focuses on developing practices to build disaster resilience in the construction process, for example building resilience to flood disaster management.  


Projects and partnerships 

Conservation of Historic Buildings 

Several projects are underway to support the re-introduction of hot mixed lime technology to use in the conservation of historic buildings. Researchers are also assessing the performances of mortars to be used in the conservation of Hadrian’s Wall and York Minster. 

Collaborative Action towards Disaster Resilience Education 

This interdisciplinary project aims to develop and test an innovative professional doctorate programme to mainstream disaster resilience into the construction process and address emerging and current capacity gaps.  

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