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Creating a 21st Century Diasporic Association: Transforming the EU Citizens Campaign Group ‘the3Million’

Researchers: Professor Tanja Bueltmann

The challenges faced by emigrants when establishing a new life in an unfamiliar country with little or no state support can be alleviated by forming and growing diasporic/immigrant associations to enable collective action. Research undertaken at Northumbria University by Professor Tanya Bueltmann applied the historical experience of emigrant communities to inform the operation, growth, and effectiveness of the UK’s largest campaign organisation for EU citizens, the3million (T3M), founded in 2016 in response to Brexit. The research informed how the group redefined itself as a grassroots immigrant association, changing how it engaged with, mobilised, and acted on behalf of its 40,000-strong forum membership. This dual transformation was evident in the scope and focus of T3M’s national ‘This is our Home’ tour and its increased profile as a lobby group, ensuring its recognition by the UK parliament and international thinktanks as a key advocacy group.

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