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Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre

The Brain Performance and Nutrition Research Centre (BPNRC) investigates and assesses how nutrition and dietary interventions affect brain function. Research is conducted on nutritional substances such as herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, and food supplements through a wide-ranging portfolio of randomised clinical controlled trials.  

The research uses novel methodologies and bespoke pipelines of cognitive assessments to explore the effects of dietary interventions on human biology and how changes in blood chemistry, metabolic factors, and the microbiome are associated with brain functioning and wellbeing.  

The research centre is almost entirely externally funded, with the majority of funding from collaborations in industry to explore a range of novel nutritional compounds. This research, conducted in healthy adults, forms the evidence base to inform product development, marketing strategies and the basis on which product claims are made. Examples of some of our partnerships are below.  

Projects and Collaborations 

The BPNRC worked with Bayer Consumer Care to evaluate the impact of multi-vitamin/minerals on brain performance in cognitive tasks. The results were used to generate product specific claims which are put on the pack and product website and used in marketing communications to health care professionals and consumers. The work was also used in educational materials to train Bayer medical staff and sales force staff around the world.  

Work with Mibelle Group Biochemistry investigated the cognitive and cerebral blood-flow effects of Nepalese pepper, a traditional Asian culinary spice and medicinal compound. The results were used to support the launch of a new food and health product

The group worked with Activ-Inside on a novel, proprietary saffron extract and found that it demonstrated a reduction in depressive symptoms in individuals experiencing low mood. 

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