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Psychology and Communication Technologies Laboratory

The Psychology and Communications Technology Laboratory aims to understand the psychology of human interactions through digital technologies including how information and misinformation is digitally disseminated. The laboratory is uniquely positioned to support large-scale UK and European multidisciplinary studies.  

Research examines the increasingly pressing topics of privacy, security, trust, behaviour change and the impact of technology such as social media on our identity and behaviour. These topics are explored across four diverse themes: cybersecurity, older adults and technology, energy, e-health, and social media. The social injustices that can arise from various forms of digital communication is also analysed within these contexts. The lab contributes to the University’s multidisciplinary research theme (MDRT) ‘Human and Digital Design’.    

The lab has built strong international and national collaborations, with researchers contributing expertise in psychological theory and methods to multidisciplinary teams addressing key digital issues. Examples of funding and partnerships can be seen below.  

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