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Surgery prehabilitation

Case study: Improving patient readiness for major surgery through prehabilitation

Staff: Dr Garry Tew, Professor John Saxton, Dr Gabriel Cucato, Dr Jenni Naisby

Major surgery elicits a huge strain on the body. Exercise scientists from Northumbria University have demonstrated that exercise-based prehabilitation programmes can help vascular and cancer patients to cope with this strain by safely improving physical fitness and other risk factors in the weeks leading up to surgery. This research directly secured GBP1,900,000 in funding and led to the launch of the PREPARE-ABC clinical trial. This enabled 23 colorectal cancer hospital units across the UK to establish new prehabilitation services. By October 2020, 400 patients received exercise support through this programme, leading to improved health outcomes. In North East England, a new community-based service called PREPWELL was established in 2018 and over 30 clinicians from James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, referred 171 patients for individualised prehabilitation support, leading to improved patient outcomes. Patients previously deemed as ‘unfit’ for aortic aneurysm surgery were able to improve fitness through prehabilitation, successfully undergo surgery, and recover without complications. Find out more

Underpinning research

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