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Tart cherries and athlete recovery

Case study: Improved recovery of elite athletes through nutritional interventions containing tart Montmorency cherries

Staff: Professor Glyn Howatson, Dr Karen Keane, Dr Ian Walshe, Professor Emma Stevenson

Recovery from strenuous exercise is a priority for elite athletes. Northumbria University’s research into tart Montmorency cherries (TMC) showed that these functional foods facilitate athletic recovery and improve sleep. Through the delivery of practitioner professional development, the research shaped the English Institute of Sport’s nutritional guidelines used by all 22 performance nutritionists working with over 500 Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Professional international sports organisations (e.g., Grand Tour cycling teams, International Rugby Union) now routinely use TMC supplementation and attribute performance success to effective recovery enabled by the intervention during congested competition periods. Following the widespread change in nutritional practices in the UK and internationally, Northumbria’s research was incorporated into the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on Dietary Supplements and the High-Performance Athlete, changing elite sports’ nutritional guidance worldwide. Find out more

Underpinning research

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