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Optimising Human Performance

This theme, led by Professor Glyn Howatson, aims to improve our understanding of how the human body responds and adapts to the stress of exercise, and how we can manipulate exercise, diet and recovery strategies to optimise the exercise-recovery-adaptation process.

The theme has developed an international respected reputation in the areas of: 1) the assessment of the neuromuscular system in response to different fatiguing exercise and other exercise training stimuli using sophisticated neurophysiological techniques; 2) the application of preventative and therapeutic interventions (including functional bioactives) to facilitate recovery from exercise; and 3) use of integrative physiology to understand sex differences to exercise and specifically female exercisers and older adults.

The theme group has a strong publication record, but importantly the work has attracted significant interest with external end-users. Consequently, we established very strong relationships with elite sport partners, such as the English Institute of Sport, British Cycling, British Sailing, and British Gymnastics that have resulted in tangible impact and are continuing with additional projects.


Neuromuscular Research

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