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Promoting and Preserving Health and Wellbeing

In line with our intentions articulated in REF 2014, this theme serves to understanding the importance that physical activity and nutrition plays in the prevention and treatment of deconditioning (through aging and physical inactivity), improving health across the life-span (child heath to modified physical activity for the elderly), lifestyle-related, and congenital chronic conditions.

The theme led by Professor Florentina Hettinga, takes numerous approaches that includes systematic reviews, qualitative and observational studies. There is a particular reputation for delivering high quality randomised controlled trials in clinical conditions (e.g. cancer survivors, Parkinson’s Disease, COPD, Crone’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and cardio-respiratory diseases).  Studies are informed by comprehensive patient and public involvement (PPI) to ensure that they are focused on outcomes of upmost importance to patients and their carers. This work is intrinsically linked to a University multidisciplinary research theme (MDRT) of Integrated Health and Social Care (see REF5a) which is led by this Unit (Vogiatzis). There are strong links with charitable trusts, health care trusts and harder to reach populations (such as those with learning difficulties), which has attracted substantial research funding. 


Prehabilitation - improving the fitness of patients for surgery

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and rehabilitation 

Aerospace Medicine and Rehabilitation Laboratory

Adapted yoga for older adults with multimorbidity

Exercise and Cancer Survivorship 



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