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Building Information Management

Meet our staffBuilding Information Management enables construction professionals to design, construct and operate buildings virtually through the development and testing of prototypes. This approach eliminates errors, reduces risk and delivers greater certainty of cost, time and performance.

In 2010, in partnership with Ryder Architecture, we launched BIM Academy, an internationally recognised centre of excellence in BIM, providing consultancy, research, software development, training and education.

Our first main area of research is concerned with organisation and process, and the impact of BIM on how people design, construct, operate and utilise the built environment. The second is technology-focused and concentrates on the creation of new open software technologies that use the richness and complexity of Building Information Models. Researchers collaborate with most of the major innovators in the BIM arena, and recent work includes the TSB-funded iCIM and 4BIM projects and the xBIM toolkit.

Case Studies: 

Virtual city provides an interactive platform for architects, planners, heritage and the arts

Digitising the construction industry



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