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Virtual Environments & Visualisation

Meet our staffOur academics promote the effective use of virtual reality and visualisation technologies throughout all Built Environment disciplines and across teaching, learning, research and enterprise activities.

The group's flagship project is Virtual NewcastleGateshead, a partnership with the two local authorities which has resulted in a 3-D digital model of the urban core of both municipalities. The model is an effective stakeholder communication tool, with proven value in streamlining and increasing the transparency of the planning process, and is a cost-effective way of understanding the wider implications of planning applications. It also supports a growing number of research activities such as the EU Interreg Electric Mobility project (which simulates a virtual e-mobility route linking the UK and North Sea countries) and an AHRC-funded Virtual Medieval Newcastle project.

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Senior Research Assistants from Northumbria School of Design, Helen Simmons and Dr Nkumbu Mutambo.
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A garden tiger moth in long grass. Getty Images
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