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Staff Profiles

Staff engaged in research in the area of evolution, perception and behaviour

Evolution, Perception & Behaviour


HLS Piers Cornelissen Staffprofile 100Professor Piers Cornelissen
Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience
Prof Piers Cornelissen holds the Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Department of Psychology. He trained as a medic at St Thomas’s Hospital London. After some time in clinical practice he moved to Oxford... more>>


Dr Johannes Hönekopp
Senior Lecturer
Johannes is working as a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Psychology, trying hard to enlighten students about statistics. He is affiliated to the Cognition and Communication Research Centre. more>> 


Dr Kris McCarty
Research Fellow
Kris completed his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 2008 where he developed a passion for evolutionary psychology. He then went on to complete a... more>>


HLS Dr Nick Neave Staffprofile 100Dr Nick Neave
Associate Professor 
PhD in Psychology 
Dr Nick Neave is a Reader within the Department of Psychology. He is Faculty Director of Ethics and Chair of the Faculty Research Ethics Committee. He contributes to the teaching at Undergraduate level,... more>>


HLS Tamsin Saxton Staffprofile 100Dr Tamsin Saxton
Associate Professor
Tamsin joined Northumbria University as a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology in September 2012, following posts at the Universities of St Andrews, Edinburgh, and Abertay Dundee. She teaches... more>>


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