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Management of Long-Term Conditions

In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, the focus of this multidisciplinary research group is upon addressing the management of long-term conditions in the clinical or community setting, through the development, design and implementation of complex interventions to improve physical function and quality of life in adults and older adults with chronic conditions. There is a particular focus upon behaviour change interventions to increase physical activity, clinical biomechanics, and digital technology for prehabilitation and rehabilitation of a range of chronic conditions including stroke, cardiac disease, chronic obstructive airways disease, musculoskeletal disease, falls prevention, Parkinson’s Disease, long COVID-19, multimorbidity and the management of chronic pain.

Research methods are in line with the MRC guidelines for the evaluation of complex interventions, and include mixed methods research, laboratory-based science research, feasibility and pilot studies, randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, evidence synthesis and implementation studies.

Academic Team

PGRs / Thesis Title / Submission Year

  • Hilary Abbot-Brailey / Can arts be at the heart of care? A study of creative arts-based approaches in nurses’/health care professionals’ practice in social care contexts / 2028 
  • Martin Ackah / Exploring principles of fatigue management, activity pacing and self-regulation in persons with chronically fatiguing conditions / 2026
  • Sneha Chakraverty / Longitudinal patterns of physical and mental recovery in previously hospitalised COVID-19 survivors / 2027
  • Julia Das / Feasibility and effects of technological visual training for Parkinson’s Disease / 2024
  • Lisa Graham/ Detecting neurological injury and disease with a novel eye-tracking device / 2025
  • Alpana Kumari / Artificial intelligence and data analytics to predict acute exacerbations in COPD / 2024
  • Rachel Mason / Objective running gait measurement with wearable sensors for sports medicine and performance analysis / 2024
  • Dimitrios Megaritis / Clinical validation of digital mobility outcomes in patients with COPD / 2024
  • Charlotte Nichol / Feasibility and acceptability of a telerehabilitation interventions for older cardiac patients undergoing TAVI / 2024
  • Liam Pearson / Effect of maximal-intent, minimal-dose resistance training on functional capacity in older adults / 2027
  • David Power / Pain in elite rugby union players and rehabilitation implications / 2027
  • Patrick Tait / Neural correlates of balance in ageing and Parkinson’s Disease / 2025

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