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Sports Coach Education

The Sport Coach Education group has outstanding research expertise in the sociological, pedagogical and psychological dimensions of coaching and coach education. The group employs multiple methods (e.g., biographical interviewing, ethnography, and participatory approaches) to generate critical, research that is of benefit to policy makers, practitioners, scholars and students.

Academic Team

PGRs / Thesis Title / Submission Year

  • Mark Clarkson / The Construction and Performance of Identities and Selves in Endurance Running: A Relational Perspective / 2024
  • Liviu Cristea / Chasing the big time: navigating emotions, identity and relations in the precarious context of sports work / 2024
  • Stephen Foley / Exploring decision-making during real incidents or near misses in Sea Kayaking / 2028
  • Timothy Jones / Coaching the sport coaches: sport coach developers and coach development processes and practices / 2025 
  • Ben King / An Investigation into the coach’s role in facilitating thriving during the youth to senior transition in football / 2026
  • Benjamin Morris / The Role of Superstitious Rituals on Injury-Avoidance Behaviours in Contact Sports / 2024
  • Rebecca Oldroyd / Sports coaches' learning, experiences and professional development: exploring optimal coaching and inclusive strategies in disability sports / 2025

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