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line drawing of a brainPsychological safety is important because you can explore, be innovative and practice without the fear of failure. 

This placement relieves students of the stress that their actions could harm a real person by practising in a risk-free environment to develop skills and confidence. This makes them prepared for future placements.

A coaching approach is adopted in this placement to compliment psychological safety. In coaching the learner is supported to be innovative, explore their own ideas, and develop solutions to problems. The educator empowers the student to discover the answers for themselves by using open questions.

goals, options, reality and will all surrounding the word coaching

Psychological safety is imperative in a process called productive failure (Kapur,2015). Students are placed into scenarios with only base knowledge and no bias to demonstrate how innovative in practice they can be. 

Facilitating student learning in this way empowers our learners, improves critical thinking, confidence, skills, and reduces the gap between student and qualified practitioners. 



Ask questions, give and take feedback, raise concerns, ask for help, solutions, admit errors, disagree, ask for clarification 

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