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Autumn-Term Placements

Two placements begin in the autumn term - our PGCE students' initial placement and our BA final-year students' internship (Phase 1 and Phase 2); details can be found below.

Please note that our non-assessed (previously 'intervention') placements can be viewed on a separate page, which you can access by clicking HERE.

Please click HERE to find further information about submitting offers.


BA Final Year – Internship (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

*Please note that by committing to host a student for this placement, you are also committing to host them for their final placement in the summer term (April – June)*

Dates: 1st November to 26th November 2021 (Phase 1; non-assessed) and then 28th March to 18th June 2022 (Phase 2; final assessed)

Placement Setting: EYFS, KS1 or KS2

Amount Payable to School: £1000 per pair of students

Placement Overview

In their final year, BA3 students undertake a paired internship placement that enables each pair to spend time in one school over the course of the year as follows:

Phase 1: Autumn Term 4 weeks (non-assessed)

An initial four-week non assessed placement focusing on planning and teaching whole class lessons in science and foundation subjects and gaining greater experiences in whole class pupil progress tracking.

Phase 2: Spring/Summer - 8 ½ weeks (final assessed)

At the end of the spring term pairs of students will return for a final assessed placement in which they will be expected to undertake a 70% teaching commitment to gain experience of planning, teaching and assessing the progress of the whole class across the primary curriculum. By the end of placement, under the guidance of their mentor, students will be able to demonstrate sustained pupil progress in the classes in which they are based.

This internship placement is an opportunity for both schools and students to build a sustained relationship over the course of the year, which we hope will be of mutual benefit. Link tutor support will be provided in both phases of this internship placement.


PGCE – Initial placement

*Please note that this placement continues in the spring term and that by committing to host students, you are committing to host them until 18th February*

Dates: 1st November - 17th December 2021 (non-assessed), following on 4th January - 18th February 2022 (assessed from w/c 10 January)

Placement Setting: KS1 or KS2

Amount Payable to School: £1120 per pair of students

This is a paired placement which exposes students to the world of teaching through small group and whole-class teaching, with initial involvement in planning and assessing children.

During the autumn term, our students will build up to whole-class teaching and will deliver the TP@P intervention initiative (more information below). Students are not assessed during the autumn term.

In the spring term, students will remain at the same school; it is during this period that assessment judgements will take place in the form of Weekly Review of Progress assessment judgements, incorporating subject focused lesson observations. 

Schools are required to submit an end of placement report, as well as brief phonics and maths reports.


Talking Partners @ Primary (TP@P) – part of the PGCE initial placement

Students will be trained in Talking Partners @ Primary (TP@P) strategies and will provide support for the development of children’s oral language and active listening skills. This will be delivered by students three times a week for 25 minutes to identified groups of children. TP@P is appropriate for EYFS, KS1 or KS2. This intervention will continue throughout the autumn term. This is a nationally recognised and accredited intervention. 

Please note that TP@P cannot be delivered exclusively and forms part of the PGCE initial placement. 


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