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Req _callbackEvery organisation has untapped potential, and our experts within Computer and Information Sciences can work with you to innovate, develop and unlock your hidden value.

Within the disciplines of computer science, digital technologies, media and communication design and information sciences, there is strong expertise around machine learning, data mining, computer vision and graphics, cyber security, digital forensics, information governance and assurance, digital citizenship, records management, digital design, creative media and embedded systems.

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Develop your People

Computer science, digital technologies and information sciences underpin our entire economy. By working with us, you can develop all the skills and knowledge your employees need to make an immediate impact on your business.

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Develop your Business

Living in a digital age impacts on the way businesses and other organisations operate and work together. Our academic team can help you capitalise on this digital economy.

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Partnerships are important to ensure that our research has maximum impact, allowing us to apply our expertise and knowledge to help business and other organisations develop and grow.

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Access our Facilities and Equipment

When you want to get hands-on with technology and really understand how everything connects, how to create software or protect data integrity, our range of specialist facilities will support you.

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Employ a Placement Student

All of our courses have been designed to offer students an effective mix of academic study and practical experience. Why not help us to help them, to help you?

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Degree Apprenticeships

Attract, develop and enrich fresh talent by enrolling an apprentice onto one of our accredited degree apprenticeship courses.

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