English Language and Linguistics

Research activity from the English Language and Linguistics staff and postgraduate students at Northumbria University, Newcastle.

Our research covers a wide range of areas in the study of language and communication. We have an established reputation for research into first and second language acquisition and learning, applications of language and linguistics in real world contexts, sociolinguistics, language variation and change, theoretical linguistics, and the evolution of language and communication. We are a dynamic and innovative group, working with academic and other partners around the world in areas including health, policing, media communication and English Language Teaching. 

Particular research interests include: how language processing and attainment are affected in formal and informal contexts by a range of social and economic factors, including educational background, literacy and class and other identities; the use and effects of language in a range of contexts, including in literature, politics and media communication; implicit and explicit attitudes towards linguistic diversity the social meanings of linguistic forms; how language develops over time and varies at particular points in time; the origins and development of language and communication.

Our more specific research areas are: