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Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Peter FrancisProfessor Tom Lawson

Tom was appointed as Deputy Vice-Chancellor in April 2021, having served as Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences for 5 years.

As DVC Tom leads the Faculty PVCs group and is responsible for leading the annual planning and budget setting process in order to deliver against our strategic priorities, and chairs the University’s Planning Committee. Tom led Northumbria’s impressive submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and is currently executive lead for race equality.

Tom is a historian of the Holocaust and more recently of colonial genocides. He is the author and editor of several books on these subjects including The Church of England and the Holocaust (2006); with James Jordan, The Memory of the Holocaust in Australia (2008); with Stephen Parker, God and War (2010); Debates on the Holocaust (2010) and The Last Man: A British Genocide in Tasmania (2014). Tom was co-editor of Holocaust Studies: A Journal of Culture and History for 20 years until 2023.

Tom has recently published (with Andy Pearce from University College London) an edited collection on Britain and the Holocaust. He is currently working on a book project provisionally titled Empire of Genocide: The Extermination of Peoples in the British World.

Tom is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and was previously a Mid-Career Fellow of the British Academy.

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