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  • Applying Logotherapy in Teaching Meaning in Life in Professional Training and Social Work Education, Chan, C. 1 Jan 2024, In: The British Journal of Social Work
  • “I never told my family I was grieving for my mom”: The not‐disclosing‐grief experiences of parentally bereaved adolescents and young adults in Chinese families, Li, Y., Chan, W., Marrable, T. 1 Mar 2024, In: Family Process
  • Loss of hometown: Young Hongkongers' collective grief following the 2019 social movement, Chan, W. 2 Apr 2024, In: Journal of Loss and Trauma
  • Social capital for carers of patients with advanced organ failure: a qualitative exploration of stakeholders’ perspectives, Ng, M., So, W., Choi, K., Akingbade, O., Chan, W., Chan, H., Chan, C. 2 Mar 2024, In: BMC Public Health
  • Prevalence of and factors associated with demoralization among family caregivers of palliative care patients in Hong Kong, Chan, W., Yu, C., Kwok, D., Wan, J. 6 Jul 2023, In: Palliative and Supportive Care
  • Exploring social capital for family caregivers of patients with chronic organ failure: study protocol for a concept mapping study, Ng, M., So, W., Choi, K., Chan, W., Chan, H., Chan, C. 17 Jun 2022, In: BMJ Open
  • Facing the loss of siblings in childhood: Interactions and dynamics between bereaved siblings and their parents, Chan, W., Leung, G., Leung, M., Lin, M., Yu, C., Wu, J. 1 Sep 2022, In: Journal of Pediatric Nursing
  • Hopes and fears regarding care robots: Content analysis of newspapers in East Asia and Western Europe, 2001–2020, Kodate, N., Maeda, Y., Hauray, B., Tsujimura, M., Chan, W., Mannan, H., Yu, W., Dalgalarrondo, S., Cheung, M., Yumoto, A., Suwa, S., Donnelly, S., Sakata, N., O’Shea, D., Obayashi, K., Masuyama, S. 8 Dec 2022, In: Frontiers in rehabilitation sciences
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health of Palliative Care Professionals and Services: A Mixed-Methods Survey Study, Chan, W., Woo, R., Kwok, D., Yu, C., Chiu, L. 1 Oct 2022, In: American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Interprofessional education—situations of a university in Hong Kong and major hurdles to teachers and students, Li, J., Chau, J., Wong, S., Lau, A., Chan, W., Yip, P., Yang, Y., Ku, F., Sze, F., King, I., Lee, V. 29 Jul 2022, In: Frontiers in Education

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