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  • Solar roads – a new potential renewable energy for and Great Britain, Mukherjee, A., Benett, J., Anyigor, K., Olayinka, O., Khalafallah, A., Alencastro, J., Butt, T. 15 Feb 2024, In: Environmental Technology (United Kingdom)
  • A concise study on essential parameters for the sustainability of Lagoon waters in terms of scientific literature, Kader, S., Raimi, M., Spalevic, V., Iyingiala, A., Bukola, R., Jaufer, L., Butt, T. 2 Jun 2023, In: Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Assessing the relationship between cultural diversity and disaster preparedness; (A case study of flood hazard for Northern and Southern Punjab), Raheem, H., Mayo, S., Kamel, A., Maqbool, R., Mohamed, M., Maraqa, M., Gouda, H., Hamdani, F., Butt, T. 1 Jan 2023, In: International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Developing light transmitting concrete for energy saving in buildings, Navabi, D., Amini, Z., Rahmati, A., Tahbaz, M., Butt, T., Sharifi, S., Mosavi, A. 1 Jul 2023, In: Case Studies in Construction Materials
  • Discrepancy in regulatory provisions and practices – the design of public buildings in Lahore, Pakistan, Ali, M., Weirs, J., Butt, T., Islam, H. 17 Apr 2023, Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design, Springer
  • Impacts of Different Sources of Carbonates on Growth of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici in Different Growth Media, Akram, H., Hussain, S., Butt, T. 13 Nov 2023, In: Advances in Environmental and Engineering Research
  • Knowledge Sharing in the Construction Industry: Implications for the future of Projects, Anyigor, K., Osborne, A., Butt, T., Littlemore, M., Aboderin, O. 3 Jul 2023, Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society Conference 2023
  • Mangrove Health: A Review of Functions, Threats, and Challenges Associated with Mangrove Management Practices, Akram, H., Hussain, S., Mazumdar, P., Chua, K., Butt, T., Harikrishna, J. 23 Aug 2023, In: Forests
  • Predicting implications of design changes in BIM-based construction projects through machine learning, Abdulfattah, B., Abdelsalam, H., Abdelsalam, M., Bolpagni, M., Thurairajah, N., Florez Perez, L., Butt, T. 1 Nov 2023, In: Automation in Construction
  • Slow adoption of building information modeling: comparing viewpoints of designers and contractors, Khalafallah, A., Muntasi, N., Gerges, M., Butt, T., Kapogiannis, G. 9 Nov 2023, In: Emirati Journal of Civil Engineering and Applications

Ahmed Saad Bridging the Gap between the Public and Private Sectors’ regarding projectexpectations: the Role of the Project Developer Start Date: 01/03/2024

  • EnvironmentalEngineering PhD July 08 2008
  • Other Courses MSc February 15 1998
  • Mechanical Engineering BEng (Hons) March 02 1993

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