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  • …And (epistemic) justice for all: A cautionary tale of knowledge inequality in participatory research, Fletcher, A. 20 Feb 2024, In: Quality in Ageing and Older Adults
  • What is evidence as evidence is used? A case of dualism?, Fletcher, A. 1 Sep 2022, In: Social Theory and Health
  • Impacts of Professionalization and Wellbeing Policies on Scottish Prison Workers, Fletcher, A., McKie, L., MacPherson, I., Tombs, J. 25 Oct 2021, In: Frontiers in Sociology
  • Integrated Care Systems as an Arena for the Emergence of New Forms of Epistemic Injustice, Fletcher, A., Clarke, J. 1 Nov 2020, In: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice

Philosophy PhD December 14 2017

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