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  • Parenting Education for Women Experiencing Incarceration: Views of Prison Staff, Lovell, B., Brown, A., Steen, M., Esterman, A. 17 Jan 2024, In: Women and Criminal Justice
  • Antenatal education incorporating complementary medicine techniques to reduce birth interventions: A randomised control trial, Fleet, J., Adelson, P., McKellar, L., Steen, M. 5 Sep 2023, In: Women and Birth
  • A quasi-experimental study to compare effectiveness of a breastfeeding arm sling with normal breastfeeding cross-cradle hold position, Disorntatiwat, P., Steen, M., Liblub, S. 25 Jan 2023
  • Assessing the healthcare quality issues for digital incident reporting in Sweden: Incident reports analysis, Rahman Jabin, M., Steen, M., Wepa, D., Bergman, P. 2023, In: Digital Health
  • Barriers and facilitators of vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19, Influenza, and Pertussis during pregnancy and in mothers of infants under two years: an Umbrella Review, Nichol, B., McCready, J., Steen, M., Unsworth, J., Simonetti, V., Tomietto, M. 2 Mar 2023, In: PLoS One
  • Effectiveness of female genital mutilation/cutting education for health professionals: An integrative review, Diaz, M., Brown, A., Fleet, J., Steen, M. 1 May 2023, In: Nurse Education in Practice
  • Midwifery students' knowledge, understanding and experiences of workplace bullying and violence: An Integrative Review, Simpson, N., Wepa, D., Vernon, R., Briley, A., Steen, M. 1 Dec 2023, In: International Journal of Nursing Studies Advances
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  • Process Evaluation of a Prison Parenting Education Program for Women, Lovell, B., Brown, A., Steen, M., Esterman, A. 25 Jun 2023, In: Social Sciences

  • Please visit the Pure Research Information Portal for further information
  • Participating in a conference, workshop, ...: Midwives Matter: Developing Compassionate Self Care Skills Workshop 2023
  • Invited talk: Midwives Matter: A time to reflect on the past, being present and plans for the future 2023
  • Invited talk: Fathers’ encounters with pregnancy, birth and maternity care. 2023
  • Invited talk: Self-compassion: the benefits of being kind to yourself 2023
  • Invited talk: Postnatal Care Matters 2022
  • Invited talk: Postnatal Care 2022

Sarah Fairbairn Exploring the experiences and care of women in labour who have a BMI of =30kg/m2 Start Date: 06/01/2022 End Date: 21/09/2022

Philosophy PhD July 31 2004

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