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Dr Matthew Townson

Assistant Professor

Department: Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering

Matthew Townson

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  • Demonstrating 24-hour continuous vertical monitoring of atmospheric optical turbulence, Griffiths, R., Osborn, J., Farley, O., Butterley, T., Townson, M., Wilson, R. 13 Feb 2023, In: Optics Express
  • First on-sky demonstration of a scintillation correction technique using tomographic wavefront sensing, Hartley, K., Farley, O., Townson, M., Osborn, J., Wilson, R. 15 Feb 2023, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • Optical Sparse Telescope Arrays and Scintillation Noise, Hartley, K., Farley, O., Townson, M., Osborn, J., Wilson, R. 1 Nov 2023, In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
  • The 24hSHIMM: a continuous day and night turbulence monitor for optical communications, Griffiths, R., Osborn, J., Farley, O., Butterley, T., Townson, M., Wilson, R. 15 Mar 2023, Free-Space Laser Communications XXXV, Bellingham, US, SPIE
  • ALASCA: the ESA Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics Optical Feeder Link demonstrator Facility, Biasi, R., Calia, D., Centrone, M., Enderlein, M., Faccini, M., Farley, O., Gallieni, D., Gooding, D., Haguenauer, P., Janout, P., Jenkins, D., Lison, F., Luis, J., Rey, N., Osborn, J., Patauner, C., Pescoller, D., Reyes, M., Sabatini, L., Salvi, L., Sodnik, Z., Alaluf, D., Tintori, M., Tordi, M., Townson, M., Virdee, H., Wei, D., Clements, W. 3 Oct 2022, Proceedings volume 12777 international conference on space optics — ICSO 2022, Bellingham, US, SPIE
  • CaNaPy Facility: Opto-Mechanical Design and Requirements for Optimal Visible Systems LGS-AO, Janout, P., Rey, N., Calia, D., Hinterschuster, R., Conzelmann, R., Pinna, E., Bonaglia, M., Garcia Talavera, M., Townson, M., Osborn, J., Faccini, M., Centrone, M. 29 Aug 2022, Proceedings of SPIE, Washington, USA, SPIE
  • Correction of Photometric Scintillation Noise via Tomographic Wavefront Sensing: Simulation and On-Sky Demonstration, Hartley, K., Farley, O., Townson, M., Osborn, J., Wilson, R. 29 Aug 2022, Adaptive Optics Systems VIII (3 Parts), Bellingham, USA, SPIE
  • FAST: Fourier domain adaptive optics simulation tool for bidirectional ground-space optical links through atmospheric turbulence, Farley, O., Townson, M., Osborn, J. 20 Jun 2022, In: Optics Express
  • FAST Simulation of Ground-Space Optical Links with Adaptive Optics, Farley, O., Townson, M., Osborn, J. 2022, Imaging and Applied Optics Congress 2022 (3D, AOA, COSI, ISA, pcAOP), Washington, US, Optica Publishing Group (formerly OSA)
  • HARMONI at ELT: Overview of the Capabilities and Expected Performance of the ELT's First Light, Adaptive Optics Assisted Integral Field Spectrograph, Thatte, N., Melotte, D., Neichel, B., Le Mignant, D., Bryson, I., Clarke, F., Ferraro-Wood, V., Fusco, T., Gonzalez, O., Schnetler, H., Tecza, M., Wilson, S., Alvarez Uruena, A., Argelaguet Vilaseca, H., Arribas, S., Carracedo Carballal, G., Crespo, A., Estrada Piqueras, A., Garcia Garcia, M., Martinez Martin, C., Pereira Santaella, M., Perna, M., Piqueras Lopez, J., Bouche, N., Boudon, D., Daguise, E., Disseau, K., Fensch, J., Girardot, A., Guibert, M., Jarno, A., Jeanneau, A., Krogager, J., Laurent, F., Loupias, M., Migniau, J., Piqueras, L., Remillieux, A., Richard, J., Pecontal, A., Bardou, L., Barr, D., Cetre, S., Deshmukh, R., Dimoudi, S., Dubbledam, M., Dunn, A., Gadotti, D., Guy, J., King, D., Little, D., McLeod, A., Morris, S., Morris, T., O'Brien, K., Ronson, E., Smith, R., Staykov, L., Swinbank, M., Townson, M., Accardo, M., Mendez, D., George, E., Hopgood, J., Ives, D., Mehrgan, L., Mueller, E., Reyes, J., Conzelmann, R., Cheetham, P., Alonso Sanchez, A., Battaglia, G., Cagigas, M., Chulani, H., Delgado Garcia, G., Fernandez Izquierdo, P., Fragoso Lopez, A., Garcia-Lorenzo, B., Hernandez Gonzalez, A., Hernandez Suarez, E., Herreros Linares, J., Joven, E., Lopez, R., Lujan Gonzalez, A., Martin Hernando, Y., Mediavilla, E., Menendez Mendoza, S., Montoya Martinez, L., Penate Castro, J., Perez, A., Luis Rasilla, J., Rebolo, R., Rodriguez Ramos, L., Vega Moreno, A., Viera, T., Zanon Dametto, N., Carlotti, A., Correia, J., Curaba, S., Delboulbe, A., Guieu, S., Hours, A., Hubert, Z., Jocou, L., Magnard, Y., Moulin, T., Pancher, F., Rabou, P., Stadler, E., Verove, M., Contini, T., Larrieu, M., Boebion, O., Fantei-Caujolle, Y., Lecron, D., Rousseau, S., Amram, P., Beltramo-Martin, O., Bon, W., Bonnefoi, A., Ceria, W., Challita, Z., Charles, Y., Choquet, E., Correia, C., Costille, A., Dohlen, K., Ducret, F., El Hadi, K., Gach, J., Gimenez, J., Groussin, O., Jaquet, M., Jouve, P., Madec, F., Pedreros, F., Renault, E., Sanchez, P., Vigan, A., Vola, P., Zavagno, A., Fetick, R., Lim, C., Petit, C., Sauvage, J., Vedrenne, N., Bagci, T., Caldwell, M., Elliott, E., Hiscock, P., Johnson, E., Nalagatla, M., Seitis, T., Wells, M., Black, M., Bond, C., Brierley, S., Campbell, K., Campbell, N., Carruthers, J., Cochrane, W., Evans, C., Harman, J., Humphreys, W., Louth, T., Miller, C., Montgomery, D., Murali, M., Murray, J., O'Malley, N., Sanchez-Janssen, R., Schwartz, N., Smith, P., Strachan, J., Todd, S., Watt, S., Wells, M., Yaqoob, A., Bell, E., Gnedin, O., Gultekin, K., Mateo, M., Meyer, M., Ahmad, M., Birkby, J., Booth, M., Cappellari, M., Dominguez, E., Ortiz, J., Gooding, D., Grisdale, K., Hidalgo, A., Hogan, L., Kariuki, J., Lewis, I., Lowe, A., Ozer, Z., Routledge, L., Rigopoulou, D., York, A. 29 Aug 2022, Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy IX, Bellingham, US, SPIE

Physics PhD June 30 2016

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