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Ruth Hattam, Deputy Academic Registrar

Ruth oversees the Quality and Teaching Excellence Team.  This team manages all approval and review work, including Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) accreditations and collaborative venture (CV) approvals, and all Education Committee governance in Faculties and the University.  Incorporating responsibility for policy development with professional support and academic leads, this team helps position the University for external quality and teaching excellence assessment.  The development and implementation of effective policies and practices is a key part of the team’s work, aiming to put quality at the heart of academic programme development and management across the full range of study modes and locations.

Before joining the Academic Registry team in 2018, Ruth held a number of roles in academic support management and leadership, latterly as a Faculty Registrar working in Arts and Design, and then Engineering and Environment.   Most recently (from 2012 to 2018) Ruth held the role of Deputy Director in Research and Innovation Services, where her responsibilities included oversight and management of the Research Excellence Framework (REF).  In her faculty-based roles, Ruth chaired the University-wide group on Student Academic Misconduct, was a member of the Regulations Committee and played an active role in the development and monitoring of the Faculty’s collaborative ventures activity.  Ruth has a BA in History from Lancaster University.

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