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Tips for when you cannot access the campus library

Nicolo Felici Study

Six practical tips that will help you studying when you cannot access the library

It might occur because you’re back home for vacations, because of severe weather conditions, because you’re sick or because of several other reasons. The point is if you’re a library addicted (like I am) being unable to access it can negatively influence your studying productivity.

I have listed here 6 things that help me the most in being productive when I’m home. A few tips won’t be feasible for some of you, or simply won’t be appreciated, but I guess most of you will find at least four of them to be actually useful. The purpose is to take the opportunity to benefit from a different environment rather than seeking those library’s benefit, as you simply won’t find them home.

1.Work in the morning!

Rise and shine darling! Most of my distractions will arrive in the noon only, so make the morning useful and try to get some work done out of those first 3/4 hours of the day, in most of the cases it would be a lazy morning anyway.

2. Work on soft aspects!

If you have researche to do, references to gather, articles to read, home is the placeto do it. Such activities are rather easy, boring for some, but they take time. By doing so, once you’re back to the library you’re ready so struggle and write your essays, that’s what uni-life is all about isn’t it?

3. Set a time!

When home, you wanna work out a schedule, and keep it. Try to avoid breaks and stay focused throughout the session, but if you don’t produce as much as expected don’t keep going, you’ll continue tomorrow. Let’s leave those late night library session in the uni, where they belong.

4. Grab your poison!

We all have that drink, snack or food that belongs to home. In fact, everyone might argue their vice just doesn’t taste the same when not consumed at home. A cup of your favourite, long-missed stuff right next to you will definitely loosen you up.

5. Play your stereo!

Put your earphones away for the time being, on and dust off your big, powerful room’s sound system. Play some chill, instrumental playlist and enjoy your readings, your habitat is fully re-created!

6. Let's pet!

Nothing was ever missed as much as your pet. I like to drag my dog’s bed in my room and have her there, just chilling next to me, as I get some work done. Home sweet home.

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