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“Life is a one-time offer, so use it well”, I am particularly fond of this quotation because it explains quite well who I am and why I am here, as a French postgraduate student in digital Marketing at Northumbria University. At 32, I changed almost everything in my life, moving from Paris to Newcastle, and leaving behind me an established career in the automotive and robotics industries where I worked for eight years (in a range of roles,) including as a quality project leader. Returning to study, especially in a different language, is an exciting challenge and a part of my career -change process.

 I really believe that each one of us is responsible for our life and career choices; if something in your life does not suit you, change it. Easy to say? Take the risks on go after the long short.

Digital Marketing appeals to me because it is both an art and a science. It involves finding a balance between creativity and analysis, both of which are important aspects of my personality which I always aim to develop.

Last year, I was involved in various creative marketing activities. I designed the layout of newsletters for the charity “Action Language”, which is now used as part of its online content. I also wrote articles for the newsletters which I illustrated with my own photographs. Moreover I worked as a volunteer with Newcastle Castle, which promotes the building as a historic monument and arts venue.

I think that my volunteer experiences, as well as my work as a digital content creator this year will really develop my design and copywriting skills and provide great team-work experiences. All of these factors will add significantly to the weight of knowledge and experience I need to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

 I have chosen Northumbria University because of its professional approach and its global reputation for academic excellence. But also, because it is business-focused and will enable me to broaden my work experience, which is invaluable hands-on preparation for my future career. Now I am part of this university, I can tell you it was really a very good choice! 

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