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Hello, my name is Kristopher Cook and I am studying a Postgraduate degree in Mass Communication and Management. I chose this course to help me achieving my long term goal of becoming the editor of my own travel based magazine centred around my own trips taken throughout my term as an undergrad and beyond. I love to travel and chose this course to give me more business acumen to help push it past the passion project it currently exists as now.


I graduated from Northumbria University this year, gaining a First Class Degree in Media and Journalism: a course that I grew to love towards the end despite the constant essays and lack of social time (if you are currently looking at this as a third year then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about). My overall background in academia actually happened due to sheer happenstance, when everyone at college/school would discuss what they wanted to do when they were older I would always keep silent on the matter, instead I chose courses that were ‘easy’ relying on my never ending flow of creativity to keep me from floating just below that line of slacker and waste. This domino effect led me to university after finally putting time and effort into creating a space where I might finally discover what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And here I am. Hard work does pay off and dedication can only be learnt in these types of moments, it’s this drive that caused me to apply for postgraduate study and pursue it in every way I know how.


I chose Northumbria University as the hub for my continued study simply because of two reasons. First was the rather generous alumni discount (studying is expensive who’d have thought), and two, my ever-growing love for academia as a whole. I come from a very grass roots working class background so just having this kind of opportunity so close to home is very inspiring to me and the people around me. I not only make them proud in my achievements but I also manage to surprise myself when I go above and beyond to push past what I thought I knew. That’s the best part of university/academia overall, learning more about yourself through experiences that only university study can offer.

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