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My name’s Michael and I like computers, pizza and monograms. I’ll be starting my master’s in Computer Science at Northumbria in January 2018. Below are just some of the reasons why I’ve decided to take this big step.


Why a Masters?

I’ve always had an interest in computers since I was young, and much of my spare time was spent experimenting with programs, tinkering with computer parts and being fascinated by how they all fitted together. However, I was also interested in biology and healthcare sciences, which I eventually chose to do as my first degree. Now, after graduating I’ve finally pursuing my dream of working with computers. The trouble-shooting and problem solving skills I developed during my bachelor’s, as well as some previous experience have given me the confidence to undertake this MSc.

Why January?

Postgraduate courses can be very flexible; they aren’t just designed for recent graduates like myself. For those working, or parents with a busy home life, there are options for part-time study and distance learning as well as January starts. For me, starting in January gives me more time to prepare my move to Newcastle (all the way from the south coast!) as well as pre-course preparation.

Why Northumbria?

Different postgraduate courses are bound to offer different selections of modules and types of courses. It’s very important to do your research carefully and pick the course that’s best for you. For me, Northumbria offered modules that best suited me and my interests. Also, it was among a select number of universities offering a two-year course, the second year being an internship at a company to gain industrial experience; another desirable trait from an employer’s perspective.

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