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Education and Skills

IC3 is working towards revitalising the education agenda for construction to ensure its workforce and those entering the profession are equipped with the skills and expertise to support digital construction.

Through strategic partnerships with Newcastle University and the IC3 employer organisations, the delivery of education and skills is being reshaped to upskill the existing workforce and inspire the next generation. IC3 is:

  • Developing and integrating a multi-disciplinary digital project in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to ensure students are digitally competent to deliver and adapt to current and emerging sector demands
  • Developing an ambitious, international, suite of Continuing Professional Development courses to be delivered through new and emerging partnerships, across diverse sectors and bridging professional boundaries

  • One of the UK’s leading providers in delivering industry designed and professionally accredited Degree Apprenticeships in architecture, surveying and engineering - immersing the learner in the workplace and academia and enabling industry to take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy funding.

  • Delivering a series of webinars from the growing partner network – including teams from collaborative R&D projects, innovation centres and demonstrator projects

  • Targeting young people through a tailored programme of outreach and widening participation to tackle the stereotypical images of the sector and develop their understanding of the future opportunities within it

  • Developing new ways of delivering education, increasing accessibility to new and fundamental knowledge. Through a blend of face to face and online communities or practice building a pipeline of career long learning

Alongside this, the team work closely with policy makers and partners to influence the curriculum across all levels of education – school, FE, HE and CPD.

To view our degree apprenticeship, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes relevant to IC3 click below.

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