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What do we know about languages we speak and understand? How do we know? This talk considers what's involved in interacting with each other and some of the things other than words and word meanings which are involved. This includes nonverbal behaviour, including body movements and intonation. It also shows that we know some things we don’t know we know and considers how we can find out more.

Live Subject Taster Talk - More Than Words from Northumbria University on Vimeo.


How can we use digital technology to reconstruct a concentration camp? Why would we want to? Why should we do it for the Janowska camp? Tune in and find out!

Live Subject Taster Talk - The Holocaust in 3D: Reconstructing the Janowska Concentration Camp from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

This talk will explain the emergence of ‘law and order’ politics in the 1960s US, when many Americans, mostly white, began to demand politicians pursue tougher policing and punishments, in response to uprisings in major cities and a rising crime rate. It will place today’s Black Lives Matter movement, and the backlash to it, within the context of this longer history of ‘law and order.’

Live Subject Taster Talk - When the looting starts the shooting starts from Northumbria University on Vimeo.


Musicians play from printed music, but how does what appears on the page relate to what you hear in performance? This presentation draws together various elements of our degree programme, showing how musicology and performance are closely entwined, and exploring how editors make original sources accessible to the performer.

Live Subject Taster Talk - Page to performance from Northumbria University on Vimeo.

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