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For FAQs relating to Covid-19 please visit the Covid-19 FAQ.

Booking Accommodation

Who can book accommodation?

We offer accommodation for all Northumbria University students including students in their second and third year and postgraduates. We guarantee accommodation for all first year and foundation students, but you can only book once you have made Northumbria University your FIRM choice.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer accommodation to students who do not attend Northumbria University.

How can I book?

You can book accommodation in five easy steps:

1. Confirm Northumbria University as your FIRM choice on UCAS.

2. Receive your student portal login details via email, log in and go to the Accommodation section to start your application.

Wait up-to 48 hours for UCAS to update and using your applicant portal login details (you will have received this via email when you applied) select the Accommodation section to start your application. 

Top Tip: Make sure you register with your personal email address and not one associated to a school/college. School/College email addresses are often closed after you leave and can delay the process.

Lost your login details? Get in touch with our team by calling 0191 227 4209 or Contact the IT team by using IT Chat

3. Complete your room reservation form

Submit your accommodation preferences and choose whether you want en-suite facilities or you are happy to share the bathroom areas with your flatmates. We recommend providing a minimum of three accommodation preferences. You can also specify if you prefer a self-contained studio flat or a single-gender flat. 

You will receive a room offer via email based on your preferences, so please keep checking your emails regularly. 

4. Sign your contract

You will be asked to sign your contract online as a part of your booking.

Top Tip: Make sure you read your contract carefully as it is a legally binding contract. If you don’t understand anything, get in touch, we will be happy to run through it with you.

5. Make an advance rent payment

You will need to make an advance rent payment to complete the booking. The amount depends on the building you have selected, expand the Payments & Rent section for more details. 

My first choice accommodation is showing as full, what do I do?

On occasions, more availability for specific buildings will be added so please drop us an email to check to see if they have all been uploaded.

If your preferred choice is full look at similar options, for example Winn has the same set up as New Bridge Street and is only a 6-minute walk from campus.

Still unsure what to do? Drop us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to run through the different options for you.

Is there any accommodation at Coach Lane Campus?

No, all of our accommodation is now based in the City Centre, but there is free travel between the two campuses on the number 1 bus.

Stagecoach’s number 1 bus runs between the City and Coach Lane Campuses every ten minutes, seven days a week and is free of charge to Northumbria students that board at the University’s designated stops and produce their smartcard. Both students and staff can use this service between 7am and 10.15pm every day.

Alternatively, if you live at Trinity Square and you don’t want to walk to City Campus for the number 1 bus, you can purchase a Student Metro ticket and travel between Gateshead and Four Lane Ends. A student Metro ticket between the two stops is around £52.30 per month. You can visit the Nexus website for more information on tickets.

Is there designated accommodation for nursing students?

No, we want to give students the flexibility to pick their own accommodation so we do not have designated buildings for different courses. When you browse the building availability, you can click on an occupied room to see what courses your potential flatmates are doing, as well as their age, year of study and interests they may have entered. This means you can take all of these factors into account when you make your booking.

Do you offer single semester accommodation?

Yes, we offer single semester accommodation for students who are on placements or take part in an exchange programme.

Semester one accommodation runs from September through to January and Semester two accommodation runs January though to July.

Occasionally short stay accommodation is available throughout the year. For more information please email and we will check availability for you.

Do you offer short stay accommodation?

Yes, if we have the availability. Send us an email to for more information. Please note that we only offer short stay accommodation for Northumbria University students or Northumbria University affiliates.

We also offer short stay accommodation over the summer period, so if we want a flat reunion mid-summer or you want to show your friends Newcastle for the weekend, drop us an email and we will be happy to help.

Do you offer accessible accommodation?

The University has a variety of accommodation available to students requiring facilities for wheelchair use, at differing prices and a number of rooms is available for students with hearing and sight difficulties. Students with a disability should contact  the University's Student Life and Wellbeing Team for help in choosing appropriate accommodation and to arrange a visit.

Do you offer catered accommodation?

Yes, we offer catered accommodation in Claude Gibb. The meals are prepared by our campus caterers, Taste Northumbria. You can view a sample menu here.

If you would prefer to be in a self-catering residence but do not want to cook every single day, we would recommend that you download the Time2Eat app on your phone which can be used to pay for catering around campus. Family and friends can also top up your Time2Eat app and pre-pay for meals for you. Just make sure all of your family have your login details before you leave for Uni.

If you want to join the revolution on food waste, download the Too Good To Go app. This app allows you to rescue delicious food so you can eat well with a clean conscious at all catering outlets on campus.

How do I apply for accommodation at the London Campus?

You can find further information about accommodation options for students based on the London Campus here.



Who will I be living with?

Our booking system is based on real time availability. If somebody has already booked into a flat the bed will show as red. If you hover over a red bed, it will tell you if the person is male or female, where they are from and if they are a postgraduate or undergraduate, and what course they will study. Please note this information is only available to students who book prior to A-Level results day.

Unfortunately, due to data protection, we are unable to tell you the name of the other students in your flat, but we will invite you to join our Facebook groups so you can find them online.

As you are booking directly with us, you will only be allocated with other Northumbria University students.

Can I find out the names of my flatmates?

Due to data protection regulations we are unable to provide you with this information, however we will give you access to our Facebook groups which are exclusive to students in the specific residence. This way you can use the power of social media to find your new flat mates.

I forgot what flat I booked, how do I find flatmates in the Facebook group?

Your flat and room number is written on the top of your contract. For example NB01-2 means that you are in New Bridge Street, flat one, room 2.

Can I share a flat with my friend?

Yes, when you apply for accommodation make sure you find a flat which has the correct amount of empty rooms in it. Once the first person has started their application it will lock the full flat, the next person can only book once the first person has completed their application.

If you can’t find an flat with enough empty rooms, drop us an email and we can check the availability for all the accommodation for you.

Do you offer accommodation for couples?

Yes, we offer accommodation for couples in Trinity Square; however, both tenants must be Northumbria University students who are in a relationship.

Our tenancy agreements are for single occupancy by default. If you and your partner are eligible for couples tenancy, please get in touch with us and we will arrange a couples tenancy agreement for you and advice on the cost.

Do you offer accommodation for families?

No, if you are looking for accommodation for your family, please get in touch with NU Lets in the Students Union who will advise you on private houses to rent in the local area.


Tenancy Agreements

What is a tenancy agreement and is it legally binding?

A tenancy agreement is a contract between yourself and the University. Make sure that you read this information thoroughly as it is a legally binding contract. Please familiarise yourself with the accommodation rules which can be found here.

Can I view the accommodation before I confirm my booking?

As the booking system shows real time availability we can’t guarantee that we can show you the exact room, however we will be more than happy to show you a similar option.

Viewings can be arranged by appointment only between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. As you may be viewing an occupied flat, please provide us with at least 24 hour notice.

Due to additional Covid-19 regulations and safety measures, viewings might be limited or restricted, please contact the team for further assistance.

Can I change my accommodation after I have signed the tenancy agreement?

If you are unhappy with your accommodation please get in touch and we will see what we can do to help. 

Each request for a room move will be reviewed on an individual case and will be subject to availability.

How long is my tenancy agreement?

Contract lengths vary depending on which building you want to be in.

Camden Court, Glenamara House, Lovaine Hall, New Bridge Street, Trinity Square and Winn are all on a 43-week contract. Claude Gibb contracts are for 39 weeks (please note catering is provided for 33 weeks only).

Can I get out of my tenancy agreement early?

No, it is a legally binding contract and you will be required to pay any outstanding costs or find a suitable successor.

A successor is another Northumbria University student who is not already living in University accommodation who is a suitable fit for your flat. Should you find a suitable successor there will be a £50 administration/cleaning charge added onto your account.

Top Tip: If you are trying to find a successor try using different social media platforms or advertising it on notice boards around campus.

Can I extend my contract?

Yes, depending upon availability. Just drop us an email and we will let you know the cost and if you can extend in the same room.

If we can’t extend your contract in the same room, you may have to move to a different flat or building.

Payments and Rent

Will I have to make a payment to secure my room?

You are required to make an advance rent payment to complete your booking.

Claude Gibb, Glenamara House, Lovaine Hall, New Bridge Street, Trinity Square and Winn

  • Bookings for 2021/22: £250 advance rent payment paid at the time of booking. The £250 will be deducted from the final rent installment.

Camden Court

  • £250 advance rent payment made directly to Unite. This will usually be requested within two days of us receiving your application. The £250 advance rent payment will be deducted form the first rent installment, which is normally due in September.   

I can't afford the advance rent payment, what can I do?

On occasion we may be able to accept a reduced advance rent payment in Claude Gibb, Glenamara House, Lovaine Hall, New Bridge Street, Winn and Trinity Square.

If you require a reduced payment, please drop us an email to and we will review your request.

Will I get my advance rent payment back if I don't get the grades to come to Northumbria?

We like to hope that everybody will get their grades, but if you don’t, we will refund this minus a £50 termination fee.

We try to process all refunds as soon as possible but please be advised that during busy periods this can take up to four weeks.

Please note that if you do get the grades to come to Northumbria but decide not to continue with your accommodation booking for whatever reason, you will unfortunately forfeit the full advance rent payment.

This may vary in our partner accommodation, please see individual contracts for details.


What happens if I change my mind and no longer want to live in student accommodation?

This will vary depending upon which stage of the booking process you are at:

If you get your grades but you have changed your mind about living in accommodation, cancellation of your contract will be subject to an early termination fee of £250. A request for termination of the contract is only available prior to the start of the tenancy agreement. 

In the event you don’t get your grades and are rejected by the University, you will be refunded the full advance rent payment, minus a £50 termination fee.

If you have already moved into your accommodation you will be held accountable for the full accommodation contract unless you can find a suitable successor. A successor is another Northumbria University student who is not already living in University accommodation who is a suitable fit for your flat. Should you find a suitable successor their will be a £50 administration/cleaning charge added onto your account.

How do I pay rent and when is it due?

Rent instalments will vary depending upon which building you are in.

Claude Gibb, Glenamara House, Lovaine Hall, New Bridge Street, Trinity Square, Winn will all be due in three instalments that will fall in line with your student loan dates in October, January and May.

Camden Court will be due in four instalments in September, October, January and April.

The exact payment dates for your contract will be stated on your tenancy agreement.

What is included in my rent?

Your rent includes all of your utility bills, basic contents insurance and Wi-Fi.

What does my contents insurance cover?

Your personal possessions are covered while you're in halls. Anything lost/stolen outside of halls won't be covered.

Your insurance provider for University-owned buildings (Claude Gibb, Glenamara House, New Bridge Street, Lovaine Hall, Trinity Square and Winn) is Endsleigh Insurance. To check what's covered click here and enter HH1344. The claims calls phone number is 0800 923 4042.

Do I still have to pay rent if I go on placement?

Yes, our accommodation is for set dates and you will be required to pay for all dates in-between. 

If you are going on a placement, we would recommend looking at our single semester accommodation.

Arriving at University Accommodation

Where do I go to collect my keys?

A couple of weeks before your contract starts you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your arrival date and time. This email will then provide you with further information regarding key collection.

Can I move in early and will I have to pay extra?

Yes, if your room is available however, there will be an additional nightly charge to cover this.

Please drop us an email to arrange an early arrival.

If I arrive late do I get a refund?

No, our contracts have set start and end dates. Should you decide to arrive or leave earlier to these dates, you will not be entitled to a refund.

What time is the reception open?

Reception times will vary depending upon the building. Drop us an email if you would like and further information.

Can I arrive outside of reception opening times?

Yes, however depending on which building you have booked in you may need to contact our security team for entry.

Further information will be sent out to you closer to the time to arrange your arrival date and time.

How do I know which room I am in?

Your flat and room number is written on the top of your contract. For example NB01-2 means that you are in New Bridge Street, flat one, room 2.

Can I get my luggage posted to the accommodation before my arrival?

We will not accept any post for students who have not yet checked into the accommodation. Please arrange shipment of your luggage for the day of your arrival.

Facilities and What to Bring

What do I need to bring with me?

Your room is fully furnished, but you will need to bring your own bedding, towels and a desk lamp. You will also need cooking pots, crockery and cutlery.

Top Tip: Once you have found your future flatmates on Facebook, start a discussion about who is bringing what to avoid bringing the same items. Nobody flat needs 20 pans but you do need a wooden spoon!

Do I need a TV licence?

If you intend to watch or record live programmes on any device (including TV, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD), you must have a TV licence. See TV licensing authority information.

There are no aerial sockets in many of the bedrooms, so it is advised that you bring your own portable aerial and TV equipment if required. 

Can I get car parking?

Unfortunately there is no parking available as we are a green campus. Newcastle is a very small city and it is easy to get about on foot, bus or Metro and therefore there is very little need for a car. Learn more about sustainable travel to campus, public transport in Newcastle and cycling discounts.

Can my friends stay over?

Yes, friends can stay over for two nights over a seven day period.

Is there a gym in my accommodation?

Trinity Square has an onsite gym which is included in your rent. 

Alternatively, why not get a gym membership in Sport Central which will get you access to all of their gym classes, the pool, steam room and sauna. Did you know? Trinity Square residents get Sport Central membership for free.

Where do I do my laundry?

All of the accommodation, apart from Trinity Square, has communal laundry facilities which are card operated. Download the app so you can check when a machine is free and when your wash is finished so you don’t have to wait around.

Don’t like the idea of a launderette? Trinity Square has washing a machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher within every flat giving you extra time for your studies.

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