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Critical Perspectives in Management Studies

The Critical Perspectives in Management Studies research interest group draws on and develops the understanding of critical management studies. It challenges the taken-for-granted understanding of the phenomena and practices that we interact with in our everyday organisational life and is concerned with issues of the marginalised and powerless such as workplace voice, silence, resistance, emancipation.   


The group aims to provide a space to gather colleagues who share certain research interests to network and collaborate and to create a personal-relevant and interpersonal-related research-active environment for critical research and its impact development.  

Our past guest speakers and topics include:  

Prof. Chris Grey (Royal Holloway, University of London) on “Into the Brexit bear pit: Blogging, tweeting, slogging, weeping, engaging, enraging and changing”  

Prof. Dan Karreman (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) on “Bullshit and Organisation Studies”  

Dr Todd Bridgman (Co-Editor-in-Chief of Management Learning; Victoria university of Wellington) on “Why we need to write and teach new histories of management”  

Prof. Jo Brewis (Open University) on “Menopause and the workplace: For an intersectional political economy”  

Prof. Ian Kirkpatrick (University of York) on “The future of professionalisation: A delaying or a vibrant and evolving institution?” 

Prof. Patrick Dawson (Northumbria University) on “A processual approach to organisation studies” 


Members of the research interest group  

Alex Hope 

Alistair Bowden 

Amir Elmi Keshtiban 

Gosia Ciesielska 

Ian Elliott  

Ian Fitzgerald 

Kristina Brown 

Lorraine Johnston 

Mai Chi Vu 

Patrick Dawson 

Rima Hussein 

Rod Thomas 

Ron Beadle 

Steve Ball 

Ziad Elsahn 


Research Interest Group Convenors  

The group convenors are Dr Ziyun Fan ( and Professor David Jones (  

Ziyun joined Newcastle Business School in August 2018 shortly before the completion of her PhD in Organisation Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research interests primarily focus on critical management studies, organisational communication, gossip, and secrecy. She has published in management and organisation studies journals such as Culture and Organisation, Human Relations, Management Learning, and Organisation Studies.  

David joined Newcastle Business School in January 2019. He is running several international projects, across UK, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, US, Canada in critical management education and critical university studies – examples are around concealment, restorative spaces, alternative academic careers, using Lacan and Foucault methodologies. David is an Associate Editor for Management Learning and has widely published in management journals in connection to critical management education. David has given international guest lectures and been on expert panels around the future of higher education.  



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