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Prof Zhanhu Guo


Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

Zhanhu Guo

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  • Advances in triboelectric nanogenerator technology—applications in self-powered sensors, Internet of things, biomedicine, and blue energy, Jiang, D., Lian, M., Xu, M., Sun, Q., Xu, B., Thabet, H., El-Bahy, S., Ibrahim, M., Huang, M., Guo, Z. 20 Feb 2023, In: Advanced Composites and Hybrid Materials
  • A Universal Interfacial Strategy Enabling Ultra-robust Gel Hybrids for Extreme Epidermal Bio-monitoring, Wang, Z., Wang, D., Liu, D., Han, X., Liu, X., Torun, H., Guo, Z., Duan, S., He, X., Zhang, X., Xu, B., Chen, F. 14 Mar 2023, In: Advanced Functional Materials
  • Compatibilizing and toughening blends of recycled acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene/recycled high impact polystyrene blends via styrene-butadiene-glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer, Meng, X., Li, Y., AlMasoud, N., Wang, W., Alomar, T., Li, J., Ye, X., Algadi, H., Seok, I., Li, H., Xu, B., Lu, N., El-Bahy, Z., Guo, Z. 7 Mar 2023, In: Polymer
  • Composite film with adjustable number of layers for slow release of humic acid and soil remediation, Wang, W., Shi, J., Qu, K., Zhang, X., Jiang, W., Huang, Z., Guo, Z. 1 Feb 2023, In: Environmental Research
  • Engineering integrated multimodal sensing and feedback ring system for advanced interactive metaverse platform, He, G., He, Y., Liu, H., Guo, Z. 10 Jan 2023, In: Science Bulletin
  • Flexible strain sensor enabled by carbon nanotubes-decorated electrospun TPU membrane for human motion monitoring, Yu, X., Wu, Z., Weng, L., Jiang, D., Algadi, H., Qin, Z., Guo, Z., Xu, B. 14 Mar 2023, In: Advanced Materials Interfaces
  • Highly Stable Garnet Fe2Mo3O12 Cathode Boosts the Lithium–Air Battery Performance Featuring a Polyhedral Framework and Cationic Vacancy Concentrated Surface, Qiu, Y., Li, G., Zhou, H., Zhang, G., Guo, L., Guo, Z., Yang, R., Fan, Y., Wang, W., Du, Y., Dang, F. 20 Feb 2023, In: Advanced Science
  • High-performance flexible all-solid-state asymmetric supercapacitors based on binder-free MXene/cellulose nanofiber anode and carbon cloth/polyaniline cathode, Bi, X., Li, M., Zhou, G., Liu, C., Huang, R., Shi, Y., Xu, B., Guo, Z., Fan, W., Algadi, H., Ge, S. 18 Feb 2023, In: Nano Research
  • Improving water resistance and mechanical properties of waterborne acrylic resin modified by octafluoropentyl methacrylate, Bi, J., Yan, Z., Hao, L., Elnaggar, A., El-Bahy, S., Zhang, F., Azab, I., Shao, Q., Mersal, G., Wang, J., Huang, M., Guo, Z. Jan 2023, In: Journal of Materials Science
  • Lightweight waterproof magnetic carbon foam for multifunctional electromagnetic wave absorbing material, Wang, D., Jin, J., Guo, Y., Liu, H., Guo, Z., Liu, C., Shen, C. 15 Jan 2023, In: Carbon

Chemical Engineering PhD September 01 1999

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