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Yifan Li

Senior Lecturer

Department: Mechanical and Construction Engineering

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Campus Address

Wynne Jones

0191 349 5936



Research Themes and Scholarly Interests

My research interests are generally in the field of micro/nano system technologies including sensor/actuator design, materials and fabrication process, device integration, packaging, testing and their applications.

Research topics and highlights include:

  • Bio-microfluidic “Lab-on-a-Chip”: 

Biomedical/chemical and thermal physics research

  • Micro/Nano sensors and actuators: 

World’s 1st reported millimeter sized wireless microswimming robot.

  • Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things:

Photovoltaic self-powered sensor nodes

  • Micro/Nano system integration: 

Post-CMOS integration, packaging and testing electrochemical sensor and analog CMOS circuits.

  • Advanced materials and fabrication process: 

Piezoelectric, stimuli-responsive polymer, hydrophobic coating, high-κ dielectric, microsystems and packaging, thru-silicon-via 3D integration, screen printing and 3D printing.

Key Publications

Y. Guo, H. Lv, Y. Li, et al., “High frequency microfluidic performance of LiNbO3 and ZnO surface acoustic wave devices”, Journal of Applied Physics. 116, 2, 024501, 2014

Y. GuoA. DennisonY. Li, et al., “Nebulization of water glycerol droplets generated by Z nO/Si surface acoustic wave devices”, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, doi:10.1007/s10404-014-1501-0, 2014.

H. Pang, Y. Fu, Z. Li, Y. Li, et al., “Love mode surface acoustic wave ultraviolet sensor using ZnO films deposited on 36° Y-cut LiTaO3”, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 193, 87-94, 2013.

Y. Li et al., “Test Structures for Characterising the Integration of EWOD and SAW Technologies for Microfluidics” IEEE Trans. on Semi. Manufacturing, 25, 3, 323-330, 2012.

Y. Li et al., “Integrated microfluidics system using surface acoustic wave (SAW) and electrowetting on dielectrics (EWOD) technology”, Biomicrofluidics, 1, 6, March 2012.

Y. Li, et al., “The Application of Fixed Hydrophobic Patterns for Confinement of Aqueous Solutions in Proteomic Microarrays”, Applied Physics Letters, 99, 073703, 2011.

My Northumbria Research Link page can be found here


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Research at Northumbria

Research at Northumbria

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