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A Trip to Iceland

Jae Rwen Teh Out and about


Our journey started with a train ride from Newcastle to Edinburgh at 6 a.m. to get to Edinburgh airport in time for our flight. We decided to fly from Edinburgh because it's easy to get there by rail and because there were no flights to Iceland from Newcastle. Overall, the journey was fairly straight forward even for us in our sleep deprived state. We made sure that we had plenty of time to spare, just in case there were any delays. Eventually, we even had time to sight see around Edinburgh before heading to the airport from the city.

Some tips for travelling to Iceland:

#1. I cannot stress this enough; get a travel debit card! Most of these cards have live exchange rates and no fees so this will cost you a lot less than having to exchange any money at the currency exchange shop, only to exchange it back to Pounds again when you've returned from a different country. I recommend using Monzo or Revolut for this.

#2. Probably the most costly thing about Iceland was the cost of fuel for our vehicle. There were lots of exploring to be done so travel in packs to spread the cost! Getting 4 or 5 people would be really ideal for a trip to Iceland.

#3. Supermarket food is a frugal student's best companion. People say that Iceland can be pricey but it honestly doesn't have to be that way. Moderation is key so go out and try the Icelandic cuisine every once in awhile, but control your leaking wallet with some good ol' wholesome sandwiches from the supermarket.

#4. If you're on the hunt for Aurora lighting, do it smart! Check the weather forecast online and go out only on nights where there is a high chance of seeing it. These chances usually occur when the sky is clear and the nights are cold.   

#5. A friend of mine told me, "when going in winter, it's worth paying for insurance that covers the windows and windscreen of the car." I guess we'll learn from his mistakes.

#6. In Iceland, they drive on the right side of the road. So don't be silly like me please.

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