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Reasons to study at Northumbria

Rob Gresham Student Life

1.The Library

The library is a perfect place to do work, and there’s something magic in the air that makes you productive.  The library is 24/7 so you can go anytime you want, whenever you feel like finally starting your work.  I would recommend the basement for solo late night work, but the first floor is the main hub.  And don’t forget the books! The library has a massive variety of books from all sorts of kind of subjects, so if you’re a bit geeky like me it is a wonderful place.


I challenge you to come to Newcastle and not love it.  The architecture, and the winding roads at the bottom of town will grab you.  It’s a great student city, and it’s actually fun to hang out with Newcastle University students!  There’s a great atmosphere around, especially during the week with students bouncing around everywhere.  The locals are also the most welcoming people I’ve ever met.  If you’re scared about coming to a big city, don’t be, you settle into Newcastle in less than five minutes. 

3.The Student Union

We’re lucky at Northumbria to have an excellent Student Union bar called the Habita, that also does great (and cheap) food.  The bar is also busy, and buzzing with students during the day and gets quite loud at night.  It has solid deals on drinks, and if you’re a football fan it is a dream place.  Every big game is played there, and it’s a best place to watch the games with your friends.  The two highlights of the year are the Superbowl, which the SU show and St Patricks Day when the entire building is open.  That means three bars, green face-paint, live Irish band and all sorts of other activities.  Easily one of the best days of the year.

4.Fast Food

Staying healthy at university can be tough.  I try my best, but the fast food options surrounding you is tough to resist.  Everything is at your fingertips right near campus, and it’s usually the cheapest option.  Nothing wrong with a cheat day every now and then.

5.Watching Sports

Team Northumbria are top level athletes, and they are always playing games in Sports Central.  So at almost any time you could go and see some Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Badminton etc at a high level.  You can also book out the facilities too! Me and my friend book out one of the squash courts every other week.

6.Coffee Anywhere

One thing I adore about the city campus is that you can get a coffee literally anywhere.  ANYWHERE.  Around every corner there’s a new café, or a vending machine.  Honestly you could probably live in the library.

7.The Beach

Tynemouth is just a 30 minute metro ride away, and it’s a lovely way to spend a day (if it’s warm).  The fish and chips are EXCEPTIONAL and one of the small beaches could be in the Mediterranean.  Seriously don’t go when it’s cold though, unless you’re insanely brave.

8.Student Living

There are so many nice places to live if you’re a student in Newcastle, such as Heaton, Sandyford or Jesmond.  Halls are fun, but when you move into your second year you want live in a house with your friends.  Jesmond is the standout – a gorge village with fab bars who do amazing happy hours.  And also still very close to campus (5 min metro, 20 min walk).

9.Hidden Gems

Most students are also familiar with some of the sweetest places in town.  If you’re a jazz fan (or just like chilled atmospheres) then the jazz café is definitely a reason to come to Northumbria.  It has reasonable drink prices and free nights where you can just come and listen to the music.  Also just next to it is Gotham.  An Indie/Goth bar that does two-for-one cocktails, what more could you want?

10.The Night Out!

The student night out in Newcastle can cater to all your needs, whatever you’re into.  If you’re a straight up good time – cheap drinks then you’ll like places like Perdu or Digital.  If you’re into techno or bass music then you’ve got Cosmic Ballroom and World HQ.  If you’re an Indie head then you’ve got the incredible theCUT (a special place).  And if you just want a boogie, then there’s like five disco nights a week – Swingers on a Thursday and MSA almost any-day.

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