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How to make long-distance friendships work

Anele Sachparonian Student Life

As the first Sunday in August is National Friendship Day, I wanted to write a little something about how I keep my friendships from back home alive while living in the UK. No matter where you are in the world, friendship is something that's so important to keep hold of!

I am an international student and lived in quite various places, so I know that sometimes it is hard to maintain friendships, especially with people who always were next to you, but not anymore. So I have a couple of suggestions for keeping a friendship alive, no mater where you are:

1.    Plan trips (and actually go on them)

Sometimes it is hard to visit home and it is even harder when your friend group are all over the globe, but that is why there are cheap flights and even cheaper accommodations. Especially, that you can even visit your friends in their hometowns/ countries and really experience their life and culture!

2.    Skype chat, Facetime, video calls

This one is quite easy, or at least it looks easy. But everyone has their life and sometimes it is hard to have the same schedule as your friend. However, I suggest at least 5 min chat every other week. Messaging is good, but people usually say more when they talk face to face, even through the screen of the phone or laptop.

3.    Don’t force it

I know it sounds harsh, but the reality is that not everyone is meant to be friends and sometimes you were good ones just because it was convenient. Sometimes you learn it the hard way, but it is one of the parts of growing up.

4.    Memes

Oh, maybe you will think is funny, but that is how modern people remember good times or quirky qualities of their friends and it shows that you are thinking of people.

In my opinion, friendship is important, whatever you are speaking to people every day or you don't see them in months. If you choose your friends right they are the ones who support you and are there for you and you are there for them too. Because you can’t choose family, but you can choose friends.

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