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My University Essentials

Vee Venski Student Life

Hi, everyone. I hope you’re enjoying your summer so far. There’s only one month left of summer but don’t panic, you still have time to do some crazy things. Today, I want to talk about essentials you might need while studying at the university or upon your arrival to an accommodation.

Things you might need for everyday use

Okay, let’s start with the basics first. To be honest there is not much you will need to bring with you every day when attending lectures or seminars. We live in a digital era, therefore, all your notes, recordings, and coursework will be available through the internet or the blackboard. However, there a few things I always carry with me.

A Laptop

The first one is, of course, a laptop. The sad thing is I cannot go anywhere without it. My profession requires a laptop and stable internet connection, actually, that’s why I like my course so much ‘Finance and Investment management.’ Almost, anything on my course can be done remotely, besides our practical exercises require the internet as all the information is publicly available so, literally I can work from any part of the world.

A Notepad

The second one is a notepad. I understand that some people prefer to type their notes as it offers a greater flexibility and it also looks neater. However, maybe I’m old-fashioned but I prefer to hand write most of my notes and I have few reasons for it. The main one is it helps me to memorise the content quicker because I think I have strong visual memory, plus it makes me more concentrated on a task so my performance improves as well. Another reason why I prefer to hand write my notes is all our exams are handwritten and if you do not write occasionally time to time, you will discover that your spelling got worse due to constant ‘word’ correction or by similar software (like Grammarly). Also, this keeps me under the required pressure so, I won’t be surprised by the time constraint during the exams.

A Power Bank

Another gadget I always carry with me is a portable charger. Yes, all rooms in the university have sockets but quite often these are already taken by other gadgets or students. Besides, life as a student requires a lot of movement and that’s why you need one of these bad boys in your backpack. It never hurts to have one, who knows what waits for you tomorrow. Personally, I have a few power banks for different purposes. One of them is 20,000 mAh and it means I never need to worry about the charge level on my phone and other gadgets. A must have in my opinion.

Scientific Calculator

Depending on what course you do you might need a calculator. For example, my course constantly works with numbers and complicated formulas which we use in statistics and other modules. This scientific calculator makes my life so much easier as it designed specifically to fit this purpose. Yes, of course, you can use a calculator on your phone but there are some limitations from doing so. The first one is it doesn’t have the required features for my course (but for you it might not be the case). The second is you’re not allowed to use your phone during the exam so, it kind of makes sense to start getting used to your new calculator.

Essentials for moving into halls

Many students upon arrival have never left their homes for more than a few weeks and now, they will need to spend a whole year in an unknown place. Personally, when I came to the UK for the first time I was a bit shocked, and I started travelling by myself at the age of 14. Here is what I’ve learnt. If you have an opportunity to bring your bedding, pillows, duvet please do so. Alternatively, you might see an empty room with a mattress. My first night I was sleeping under a bathroom towel and actually, it was a bit cold as it was already mid of October (Nice memories). Unless, you want a similar type of experience then please try to plan in advance.

Kitchen stuff

If you will live in halls during your studies then you most likely will need to buy a kitchen utensil like pans, pots, plates, cups and many other things you take for granted back home. If you’re renting a house then a chance is pretty high that you will have most of the kitchen stuff stored in it. (An advantage of renting a house compare to halls). If you want to know more about an accommodation in Newcastle check my video on ‘Accommodation in Northumbria’ Other than that I think you should be fine.


Entertainment is a crucial part of our lives and especially while being a student. If you’re a local student bring your Xbox, PlayStation or any other console if you have one. This will help you to take some focus off your studies. If you prefer PC gaming experience, then you can bring a gaming PC or a laptop to save some space. Personally, I classify myself as a movie-addict and for that reason, I bought a portable projector which I can use to stream my favorite shows or playing video games. Buying a TV can be quite expensive and bulky to carry. Besides, it’s an amazing experience to watch something on the celling (My favorite feature).

Best places to buy everything you need

No matter how well you’re equipped you might still need to buy minor things or buy everything in one place. I like the convenience of buying everything in one place, to be honest, I hate shopping!


Poundland is the perfect place to buy big brands cheaper. You can buy any sorts of things there like: batteries, screwdrivers, sellotape, you name it.  Also, it’s around 5 minutes from Newcatsle city center and we have one right in Eldon square, which is around 3-5 min from the City Campus.


This is the number one place I went on my arrival. It has all the possible things I will ever need. You can buy smart bulbs to make your house homelier and a bit smarter. Also, they have extra furniture if you feel that you need something extra. Finally, of course, they have everything for a bedroom and kitchen. Definitely check them out!


The 'Primark Home’ has a wide variety of bedding based on quality and your personal preferences. The great thing about Primark is that it has modern designs which update quite frequently, and it does not break your bank. I think it’s an important aspect for most of the students. If you like stylish things don’t miss this place, once again they’re based in the city center as well.

Hopefully, by now, you have some understanding of what you might need upon your arrival. The key fact to take from this article is to plan ahead. I wish you find your settlement nice and easy.



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