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Joe -in -pageNow then... How's it going? I'm Joe, a current Masters student at Northumbria studying Multidisciplinary Innovation.

It's a course where students from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines (funnily enough) come together to address the issues on just about anything.

Studying Business Studies as my undergraduate degree at Northumbria was ace, but I felt like my creative side had been put on hold, and so I decided to rediscover this within MDI. Working on projects from rebranding the National Trust to appeal to younger audiences, to innovating around incontinence issues within refugee camps, it's safe to say that MDI enables me to frame my business knowledge in light of the issues we are a society today face. (Not on commission, I promise).

So, why listen to me?

To me, whether studying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, you're going to want to be living in a vibrant city full of soul and energy. This is something that Newcastle has down to a t, and through this platform I hope to be able to give you an insight into all this city has to offer. I'm also in the job market, albeit a little prematurely for this time of year, and hope to share with you my experiences in (hopefully) securing a graduate job once I've wrapped up my studies. I know this can be a daunting ordeal, so hopefully we'll be able to learn from my experiences as we go!

Sound good? Ace. Before I go, here are 10 quick facts about me and my life in Newcastle:




Cooking // Culture // Design // Entrepreneurship // Friends & Family // Football // Guitar // Health & Fitness // Marketing // Music // Reading // Running // Sport // Travel

Professional background:


Favourite film:

A toss-up between Chef and About Time.

Favourite band:

The Barr Brothers.

Currently reading:

Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari - give it a whirl, the mind boggles.

Favourite places to eat in Newcastle:

The list is endless but if I'm choosing one it would have to be The Herb Garden.

Favourite places for a drink in Newcastle:

Lady Grey's // MSA // Swingers

What do you wish you were better at?

Languages - really want to learn Spanish.

What's your unrealistic dream job?

Lunar Architect.

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