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About me

I have always had deep thoughts on what I'm pursuing and how it is divergent to the wide range of my hobbies turned into passion lately. Ever since college has ended I have realised food and travel have been the two major pillars of interests apart from my professional career. This is when I wanted to do something about it, so that my yearning for the same is full-filled no matter which path I follow down the lane.

Travel diaries have been my most precious investment in life. Every time I travel it brings a new essence to my life! Deciding to document my travel stories is like giving light to my passion in the best way possible. I also write poems, which are a reflection of my experiences and deep insights of life added with some creative thoughts. 

I’m that kind of a travel lover who looks for food encounters and covers the must-visit sights during my travel. I also believe in budget travelling, and the favourite being discovering the plethora of hidden food wonders.

Professionally, I belong to the Finance and Audit sector. Currently specialising in the field of Forensic Accounting in Newcastle. Also, I’m on the verge of completing my professional qualification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

I chose to write for the student hub, as it was the right opportunity for a budding blogger like me to enhance my writing skills. The best feeling is when students coming to Newcastle to pursue their degrees just as I did a few months ago, can be guided with my reads. Its always a pleasure when people use my reads as a travel itinerary or as a credible review for a food joint. Therefore, I promise to do my best to help my Indian friends joining our Northumbria Family.

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Supraz-illion is an amalgamation of my travel diaries, which involves exploring the world and my encounter with food along this journey. 

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"Come, see the world from my reads"

Interesting fact about me

Food First, everything else next! Being a foodie has driven the crazy me from place to place covering over 800 eating joints in Bengaluru alone! Also when it comes to food, I don’t resist in commuting those extra kilometres to beat the craving!


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