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How to Choose Your Modules

Research Your Modules

  • We expect students to research any module which they choose to study ahead of their request.

  • Modules which are available to Exchange and Study Abroad students are provided on the Constructing your Programme page by Faculty then Subject Area. These are the only modules available to Exchange and Study Abroad students to request. During times when the next academic year’s modules are not yet available, the previous year’s modules have been provided as a general guide.

  • Students are expected to have relevant previous experience in the subject area, even if there is no prerequisite listed.
  • Modules are worth 20 UK Credits (10 ECTS).  Students will take between 40-60 UK Credits per semester as instructed by their home institution.
  • We have provided easy links to Module Guides on each page which will tell you the module content, reading lists and how the module will be assessed (ie: by exam or assignment).
  • For any modules with exams, the relevant Assessment Weeks can be found using the weekly view of the Academic Calendar.
  • It is a student’s sole responsibility to ensure that they are aware of how any modules they choose will be assessed and to then be on campus for any examinations they are required to take.  Modules cannot be changed once they have been finalised.
  • Students must discuss all modules with their home institutions BEFORE submitting module requests. You should only request modules after you have permission from your home institution.
  • We may not be able to exactly match your modules, and if you have very specific requirements for your course and cannot be flexible in your choices, we may not be able to accommodate your modules in an exchange.
  • Research and agree with your home institution more modules than you need.  We suggest you request at LEAST 6 modules.  Students who have to choose module cluster sets should choose two sets – a first choice and a reserve. This will ensure that if your top choices are unavailable or cannot be timetabled together, the exchange will not be cancelled at a later stage.
  • All students will automatically be scheduled to take the zero credit Academic Skills support module relevant to their subject area in addition to their requested modules.

Choosing Your Modules Process

  • Once you have been offered a place and accepted that offer, in or around June (for September starters) or November (for January starters) we will email you with a link to the Module Request portal and you will be asked to select modules which you would like to study.
  • Students should choose their modules in order of preference but should be prepared to study ANY combination of the modules they request.
  • Once your module choices have been received the team at Northumbria University will start the process of agreeing them with an academic from our Institution and timetabling your modules.
  • In September or January respectively, your confirmed modules will be emailed to you. ONCE CONFIRMED NO FURTHER CHANGES TO MODULES CAN BE MADE AFTER THIS TIME.

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