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International Relations

This research cluster is primarily based within the Department of Social Sciences and focuses upon: 

  • Democracy and Active Citizens (philanthropy, civil society, representation, activism, social media/media in the democratic process and campaigning) 
  • War, Conflict and Security (terrorism, risk, organised crime, migration, European security, Latin American security, jihadism, Middle East conflicts, UN and collective security, peacekeeping, R2P, international law and security)
  • Nation, State and Identity (independence movements, secession, nation building, memory and museums in identity construction); 
  • The role of international organisations (policy development, autonomy, authority, leadership, gender)  

Areas of research include: 

  • European Union internal security
  • The politics and policies of the EU 
  • Gender and international political organisations 
  • French politics, terrorism and human rights 
  • Middle east politics and conflict 
  • Chinese and South East Asian foreign and environmental policies
  • Gender and Islamophobia  

The Cluster is led by Associate Professor Helena Farrand-Carrapico. It runs a regular, well attended seminar series. 



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