Digital Living

Building Services 50th AnniversaryThis activity explores digital and secure urban environments.  It unites three themes, digital technologies, security and cities, addressing issues inherent in the secure digital city.  At this intersection lies the triple interface of people, technology, and place.  The activity will use multidisciplinary teams to explore and develop resilient, secure city-centric models and solutions, which facilitate situational awareness at the people, technology, place interface.  The implications of this situational awareness for individuals and society are particularly interesting .  Common to all the themes are issues concerning (big) data and information, especially acquisition, management, privacy, ownership an access (an urban digital commons). 


How will lives be transformed in the next 20 years because of changes in digital technologies?

Artificial intelligence, cyber security and big data: these are developments that open up intriguing and troubling possibilities for how we live and how our cities operate. Northumbria has an international reputation in specific areas within these developments, including data fusion, privacy, digital economy and business, and digitally-enabled communities. Our researchers in digital living have attracted millions of pounds of funding over the last five years from sources that include Research Councils UK, the EU, Qatar Science Foundation and Innovate UK.

Northumbria University is on track to become one of the leading centres of knowledge about secure digital cities and the intersection of people, technology and place. Our staff are collaborators with the Digital Economy Research Centre, the Future Cities Lab 2 and the ANDROID Disaster Resilience Network, among many more. This research brings together the disciplines of Architecture and Built Environment, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Information Sciences, Business and Psychology.


Northumbria Cyber Security Research Group

The Northumbria Cyber Security Research Group (NCSRG) is a cross-faculty, multi-disciplinary group which combines technical research on biometric encryption, wireless wireless sensor networks, web security protocols, and image recognition, with human-centred work on usable security, privacy, trust and behaviour change.
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