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Affan | He/Him | Undergraduate Content Creator | MSc Business and Management 

Hello there, my name is Affan Ali, and I am from Pakistan, I spent most of my childhood growing up in the middle east. I am pursuing my postgraduate course in MSC Business and Management in Northumbria University Newcastle.   

Some of my hobbies are to explore new places, travel, cook various cuisines, increase my knowledge through books and pour out my thoughts using content creation.   

Content creation was never really my cup of tea, until I realized that I have a very creative mind. I would look at a situation and I can direct and picture an entire scene in my head, I would listen to a song, and I could literally craft a whole shot in my mind. It’s like my mind is constantly pouring various creative ideas I can craft on my own, I plan to influence people in a great way with my content and I’m only getting started.   

To this day I have zero regrets upon taking the flight to Newcastle to pursue my master’s as that decision has changed my life in ways I cannot imagine.   

I am extremely thankful for being a part of Northumbria’s content creation team and I cannot wait to see what life holds for me further along the timeline. 

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