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Faye | She/Her | Undergraduate Content Creator | Film Student 

Hi! My name is Faye, and I am a first- year Film student at Northumbria University as my passion is creating videos. As well as video production, I also love music and going to concerts and summer festivals.  

I have always loved social media and video production. At the age of 11, I had a monetized YouTube channel set up where I shared DIY videos and tutorials, receiving over half a million views. This is where I really started to learn camera work and editing. 

Since I have had a passion for film all of my life, I am very grateful to be able to learn the skills needed and to have the opportunity to eventually work in the industry, as it is something I have always aspired to do. 

I look forward to taking on the role as a Digital Content Creator, showcasing the university and the city and going to areas and events that I might not otherwise have gone to. I am quite familiar with Newcastle as I am from Durham and would regularly visit the city before moving here for university.  

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